Friday, 25 August 2017

Kye Arnold on top in Kent

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Finn vs Nicky
Kye vs Dave
August 18th – Gillingham, Kent The Kent League saw 7 players turn out for a really close evening of matches. With everyone playing each other, tight games were anticipated and sure enough that’s how the evening played out. Nicky Chappell, returning to the game, played well all evening whilst new player Kevin, continued to do well. At the end of the night however it was Kye who won with Nicky a close second in a fantastic evening’s round of matches!
Paul vs Kevin
Standings – All Kent Invicta 1. Kye Arnold +14 15pts 2. Nicky Chappell +3 13pts 3. Terry Arnold +6 12pts 4. Finn Taylor +1 7pts 5. Paul Frank -1 7pts 6. Dave Collier -3 7pts 7. Kevin Carter -19 0pts
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