Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Gareth Christie and Steve Bennett share honors in Scotland

Andy and Gareth (photo: Craig Thom)
The Scottish Cup took place in Lethem on July 9. the tournament had a great turnout of 16 players coming from the country's two active clubs: Dundee United TFC and Glasgow TSA. The event was played in knock-out series with 8 players qulifying for the main event while the other eight played the consolation tournament. In the main event, Gareth Christie took the honors after defeating Rob Conway in the final (1-0). Conway was the surprising winner in the shootout of the semi-final against Steve Bennett. David Baxter was the other-semi-finalist. In the consolation event, Malcolm Lees took the honors after defeating Andy Beskaby in another close game (3-2).

One week later, Dundee United had their last tournament of the season. This time there was a amsller turnout of 5 players who played each other twice. This time Steve Bennett took the honors after finishing on top with 28 points while Andy Beskaby was runner-up with 21 points. Rob Conway was third, David Baxter 4th and Craig Thom 5th.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Richard Stock wins again in North Wales

Richard Stock wins again at the 9th London Road Subbuteo Club Tournament in North Wales. 9 players attended and a Swiss 5 round system was played. Richard won with 4 wins and a draw with the returning Trevor Schott who finished 2nd, only losing 1 game to Cayne Matthews. Brian Daley finished 3rd and Martin Blanchard came 4th. Great days play with all players having a great time.

London Road Subbuteo Club 16th July 2017 - League Table

Richard Stock 9pts +8
Trev Schott 7pts +5
Brian Andrew 6pts +11
Martin Blanchard 6pts +8
Cayne Matthews 6pts +2
Dave Merrilees-Kelly 5pts -5
Yani Merrilees-Kelly 4pts -3
Mark Hopwood 4pts -6
Ruby Matthews 3pts -5

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mike Parnaby wins in Darlington

The Brigantes Premier League AGM and tournament was held in Darlington on 15th July 2017. 9 players turned out for this one. A fantastic effort. Mike Parnaby Chaired the AGM, Chris Kaberry ran the tournament and John Bottomley provided the venue and the refreshments. All the games were played in very good spirit and well refereed. Everyone had a very enjoyable and pleasant day. Well done lads, you are all a credit to the game of Subbuteo!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Donegal players are back in action

After a long hyatus, Donegal Subbuteo Club was back in action on Saturday with a small tournament gathering three players. Each player played each other twice meaning everyone played 4 games in a league format. Here were the final standings. Brendan Rodgers 12 points Gary McLaughlin 4 points Ciaran Rodgers 1 point

It was the Ireland's club first tournament since September 2013! Hopefully the club will have more regular meetings in the future and hopefully a circuit of 3 to 4 tournaments per season.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Andy Mill wins his first WASPA Cup title in North Shields

Andy Mill snatched his first WASPA title on 10th July in dramatic fashion with a well-taken goal just 30 seconds from time.

Dave and Nigel drew the first game 1 – 1. While both players had chances to win, Nigel should have scored midway through the second half when he shot wide of an empty net.  Game two finished Andy 0 – 0 Dave. Again, another tight game between these two that could have gone either way. The final game was very close with both players creating but not scoring. A nervous Nigel was mentally preparing himself for a shootout with Dave, when Andy made a cool move down the left (not like him) and took his time to score from a tight angle. It should be noted that Andy played both his games in an inebriated state after drinking several Jamesons Whiskeys, celebrating with a friend earlier that afternoon. Perhaps he should try this more often!

Thanks to Andy for his hospitality and entertainment. Another excellent mini tournament in Shields!

(Report by Chris Kaberry)

Two titles for Danny Bird

Danny against Tom Knighton TFC is continuing to work to develop local activities. In May the club had two tournaments under WASPA banner...