Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Latest results from Wales

Players in Drury
Wales had two great WASPA tournaments this week-end.

Brian Daley gets trophy from Cayne Maathews
London Road Subbuteo Club held their monthly tournament with a good field of 8 players. Martin Blanchard and Cayne Matthews came on top of their respective groups but failed to qualify for the final. In the final Brian Daley defeated Richard Stock (1-0) to claim the title while Dan Nicholls defeated Danny Bird (3-1) in the Plate final.

On Friday Knighton TFC was holding a Regional tournament with six players. In the end of the Swiss ladder, Dan Nicholls finished on top with 4 wins. In the standings Danny Bird was runner-up while the other players were Tom Taylor, Rory Gittoes, Matt Booth, Kenny Evans.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Two titles for Danny Bird

Danny against Tom
Knighton TFC is continuing to work to develop local activities. In May the club had two tournaments under WASPA banner and Danny Bird firstly won the Regional tournament after finishing on top of a group of 5 while he later won the Promotional event with 6 players competing in Swiss system. Knighton Regional event:
1. Danny Bird
2. Dan Nicholls
3. Tom Taylor
4. Kenny Evans
5. Rory Gittoes

Knighton Promotional event:
1. Danny Bird
2. Dan Nicholls
3. Tom Taylor
4. Matt Booth
5. Rory Gittoes
6. Kenny Evans

Friday, 25 May 2018

Martin Blanchard wins in North Wales

Martin Blanchard and organizer Cayne Matthews
The monthly tournament of London Road Subbuteo Club took place in the usual venue of the Parrot, Drury on Sunday. There was a good turnout of 9 players and this time it was and all-Elgland final between Brian Daley and Martin Blanchard. In the end, Martin Blanchard won the final on shots to claim the honors. Dan Nicholls and Cayne Matthews made it to the semi-finals while Yanik Merrilees-Kelly won the consolation tournament. A great day was had by all.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Mark Farrell wins the White Star Cup

Eighteen players took part in the 2018 White Star Cup, which was last played for in 2007. The format was four rounds of Swiss system with 2 points for a win. A great day was has by all with lots of competitive games. The standard and friendly attitude of the players made for a great day, which will hopefully be repeated. Going into the final round only three players could win.

Martin Hodds was the only one on maximum points and played Ireland's Mark Farrell, who had dropped just one point to team mate Andy Boyer. The other contender was Kev Dyson, although he would have to have won by a lot of goals to have a chance. In the end Mark won 3-1 whilst Kev drew 1-1 so the player who travelled the furthest picked up the trophy!

Well done to Mark and runner up Marco Ghigliotti. Many thanks also to Rudi Peterschinigg, who once again put in a lot of effort in securing the venue and setting up.

(Report by Jeremy Bradley)

Final standings:
1. Mark Farrell 7 pts 14-6
2. Marco Ghigliotti 6 pts 11-4
3. Rob Paterson 6 pts 6-2
4. Martin Hodds 6 pts 7-4
5. Kev Dyson 6 pts 5-3
6. Jeremy Bradley 5 pts 9-4
7. Rudi Peterschinigg 4 pts 10-3
8. Paul Andreas 4 pts 11-5
9. Panos Stemitsiotis 4 pts 7-6
10. Andy Boyer 4 pts 5-5
11. Colin Fletcher 4 pts 3-6
12. John Turpin 4 pts 5-9
13. Neil Doherty 3 pts 4-9
14. Gerald Brghtwell 3 pts 3-8
15. Dave Croucher 2 pts 6-10
16. Alex Westley 2 pts 3-10
17. Ian Maskell 2 pts 3-11
18. Alex Turpin 0 pts 5-12

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Trevor Schott wins in North Wales

A part of the players

Action at the Parrot

Trevor Schott won the final
Last Sunday London Road Subbuteo Club was holding the monthly WASPA regional tournament with a new record of 13 entries. On of them was the club's new member Martin Blanchard. Organizers decided to do their best to give as many games as possible to everyone so the first round was played with two groups of 6 and 7 players. After the group stage, the top four players from each group qualified for the last 8 round. In the end, there was a surprising final between Trevor Schott and Tony McCann while usal finalists Brian Daley and Richard Stock were stopped in the semis. Trevor won the final (3-0) to claim the title. Yani Kelly defeated Cayne Matthews on shots in the Plate final.

The club's next WASPA regional tournament will be held at the Parrot, Drury on March 18.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Lincoln Flickers Copa Libertadores

WASPA event 3 - February 25, 2018 Mathew Atkin (River Plate) wins his first Lincoln tournament after a closely fought contest with Andrew Garbutt (Flamengo) which ended goalless after golden goal extra-time. Atkin kept his cool winning on shots 3-1.
The players
Jeremy Boothman (Peñarol) took third spot with a 3-1 win over Andy Boyer (Independiente).

The Plate competition was won by Richard Meddings who narrowly missed out on the semis losing to Andy Boyer in play-off shots also 1-3. Rich went on to win 2 and draw one of his Plate games.

Richard Meddings (Internacional) W2 D1 7pts
Connor Atkin (Chapecoense) W1 D1 4pts (beat Santos 2-0 on shots after a golden goal play-off)
Clinton J Simpson (Santos) W1 D1 4pts (new WASPA player – Lincoln Flickers)
John Devaney (São Paulo) D3 3pts
Cameron Simpson (Atlético Juniors) D2 2 pts (new WASPA player – Lincoln Flickers)
The final
Well done to everyone. It is good to see young Connor’s game developing well, threatening coming forward! Good also to see Cameron and dad, Clint, at their first WASPA event; early days and showing lots of promise – shame the new teams hadn’t arrived in time. John Devaney bravely played with Old Subbuteo including his flats having just missed out on a chance to go through to the semis on goals he had three goalless games in the Plate.

Thanks to all the members of the club who took some interest in the event and the squash players who helped with the store cupboard! Final thanks to Julia running the bar.

Next event is the Eostre Cup, 22 April.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Rudi Peterschinigg on top in Wolverhampton

The Roy Holden Trophy 2018 and WSFC's 1st Anniversary Plate took place on January 28 with a fantastic turnout of 22 players.

Congratulations to Rudi Peterschinigg on winning the 2nd Roy Holden Trophy while Steve George was runner-up and Robert Ramsay took the third place.

Peter Sleeth won the club's 1st Anniversary plate while Andrew Garbutt reached the final. Organizers wanted to thank Roy's brother Keith for taking part and Roy's daughters Joanne and Samantha for attending.

"It was an amazing day, a fantastic atmosphere with games played in the true spirit of the game. Well done to everyone who attended today, another great success!" reported the organizers on their Facebook page.

Latest results from Wales

Players in Drury Wales had two great WASPA tournaments this week-end. Brian Daley gets trophy from Cayne Maathews London Road S...