The UK & Ireland Circuit

(This page is under construction.)

The aim of the association will be to promote all kind of activities related to Subbuteo in the UK & Ireland. The association would be in charge of:
- having a proper calendar for all players and clubs. The calendar will consist in:
1) FISTF events (make sure events are correctly displayed in the calendar);
2) National championships (for instance England could decide to play a championship over one day while Scotland decides to play a league and Wales has a circuit of 3 events). Any format should be accepted;
3) National events (for instance tournaments that are bigger than local WASPA events);
4) WASPA events (every club can run one per month);
5) Other events run with different sets of rules (for instance advanced rules);
6) Possibly some smaller local championships. For instance every county could run a championship (for instance an Essex championship for all players living in Essex).
- having a monthly ranking where all players could appear (you need to find someone to compile the rankings);
- players could appear in the UK & Ireland association using a different club than int he FISTF circuit. For instance Mike Parnaby is officially a Yorkshire player but could play for NETFA (in order to develop local play), Cayne Matthews is a Manchester player could play for London Road SC, Brian Kinrade plays for a spanish team but could possibly play for Sheffield TFC),...
- all events should have reports so that new players are always informed of what's going on in their area. Keep things simple: 1 Facebook group and this blog.

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