Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Kye leads the way in the Kent Subbuteo League

Louis and Dave

Paul and Kye
The Friday night Kent Subbuteo League saw 6 players in action for a WASPA event so lots of games for everyone. It was the current League leader, Kye, who won the group of 6 to extend his place at the top of the League, however he was pushed all the way by Louis as both players were unbeaten on the night. Terry was 3rd with a usual combination of inconsistent results whilst Dave, Paul & Simon came 4th, 5th & 6th respectively.

Standings on the night
1.      Kye Arnold          13pts +7
2.      Louis Singh          11pts +6
3.      Terry Arnold       9pts +7
4.      Dave Collier        7pts -2
5.      Paul Frank           4pts -3
6.      Simon Keane     0pts -15

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Chris Thomas wins in Cardiff

Cardiff TFC was holding a WASPA tournament on Monday evening. This time 9 players were competing and Chris Thomas defeated Cgareth Thomas in the final. The tournament was special for the local players who usually hold tournament to visiting celebrities. "This time it was for two who are leaving us. Giulio Astengo is back to Milano and Chris Thomas is back to the North of England", reported John Lauder. We wish Chris and Giolio the best of luck in their new homes!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Elliott came back and he does it in style

Rudi and Elliott (picture from the archives)
Pretty much this would have been the only title to write after Round 6 of the Harrow League if it wasn't for another two episodes. Firstly, Neil ended second on the night taking vital points from Rudi and helping Elliott (as if he needed any help) in his run to engrave his name on the cup twice in a row, and secondly the debut of two new players at Harrow, Zoran Higgins, back to flick after long time, and 11 years old Nigel Spiteri, a little Maltese boy, which was looking forward to play Rudi once again (after Chingford couple of weeks ago), so he could finally get a win on the night, unfortunately for him the 4 Round Swiss System used as format for the night, didn't allow the clash to happen (thanks heaven for that). Anyway, let's start from the beginning, the title says it all, Elliott hasn't showed up for the fifth round but he had very little to lose that just by cruising to the victory in round 6, which gave him yes the WASPA win for the night but also most likely ended Rudi's chase for glory (I won't give up). The Royal's player won all his 4 matches, not without sweating, and secured himself extra 15 points for the league table (70 in total), after winning rather easily the first round against a rusty Zoran (couldn't draw a worst player for his come back), in the second session walked over Victor (4-0), and managed to score a vital goal to win 2-1 vs Panos, 30 seconds from the end in session 3, with Rudi was basically a final where he could have been happy with a draw, but I don't think he has that word in his vocabulary, and with a classic 2-0 win, after a very tight first half (0-0), he just completed the opera. Second in the night a surprising Neil, he's getting better by the minute, yes, the 3 Bye points proved to be quite handful in the end but still, he won vs Zoran (1-0), beat the Maltese whizkid (1-0) and lost to Rudi only 2-0 when both lucky goals were scored in the first half, so, credit to the guy for improving his game. 3rd on the night Rudi, a late equaliser from Panos with 40 seconds left on the clock might have cost him the second spot on the night and some extra vital points, but managed to win 2-1 vs Victor with a goal from a corner when there were 24 seconds left to play in the first half with Victor very sportingly taking his blocks quite quick to allow him to play before the end of the half, so, can't really moan about Panos's late goal against him. The last round as we said was against Elliott an she only had one result to play for, didn't go his way. A good 4th place on the night for Zoran's return, hopefully we'll see more of him in the future, whilst Panos (5th) and Victor (6th) just weren't in their best night. Decent effort from little Nigel, watch out for this boy, we'll hear a lot about him in few years time but at the moment he has a more important match to win and we all wish him the very best of luck. Anyway, Elliott as said is crushing to Title number two but hopefully will have to sweat a bit more for it. Result and table to follow and see you all next month for round 7.
Session 1 Panos Stemitsiotis v Bye 3-0 Neil Doherty v Rudi Peters 0-2 Nigel Spiteri v Victor Jones 0-3 Zoran Higgins v Elliott Bellefontaine 0-2
Session 2 Panos v Rudi 1-1 Victor v Elliott 0-4 Neil v Bye 3-0 Nigel v Zoran 0-2
Session 3 Elliot v Panos 2-1 Rudi v Victor 2-1 Nigel v Bye 3-0 Neil v Zoran 1-0
Session 4 Elliott v Rudi 2-0 Panos v Victor 0-0 Neil v Nigel 1-0 Zoran v Bye 3-0

Final standings
Elliott 12 pts (15 LP)
Neil 9 pts (12 LP)
Rudi 7 pts (10 LP)
Zoran 6 pts (9 LP)
Panos 5 pts (8 LP)
Victor 4 pts (7 LP) Nigel 3 pts

The league table sees only Rudi loosing 9 points as he played 6 rounds but only 5 do count for the table, Panos could still take the runner up seat off him, as the tittle looks well strong on Elliott's hands and watch out for Neil too.
Elliott 70 pts
Rudi 56 (6)
Panos 53
Neil 44
Victor 39
Marco 36
Paolo 27
Kevin 26
Paul Odr 12
Lee 9
Zoran 9
Martin B 7
John 4

See you all soon folks! (Report by Rudi Peterschinigg)

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Richard Stock wins LRSC tournament

London Road Subbuteo Club had another day of Subbuteo on Sunday. The tournament attracted 6 players competing in a league so that everyone had 5 games. Richard Stock managed to win the tournament, his first win in a LRSC event, while Brian Daley took the second place. Cayne Matthews took the third place and Yani Kelly was 4th. Ruby Matthews and Dave Kelly were also taking part. "We had lots of help from Brian Daley and Richard Stock, their help with training our youth players is amazing", reported local organizer Cayne Matthews.

Poster of the forthcoming event in Wales

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