Friday, 25 August 2017

Kye Arnold on top in Kent

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Finn vs Nicky
Kye vs Dave
August 18th – Gillingham, Kent The Kent League saw 7 players turn out for a really close evening of matches. With everyone playing each other, tight games were anticipated and sure enough that’s how the evening played out. Nicky Chappell, returning to the game, played well all evening whilst new player Kevin, continued to do well. At the end of the night however it was Kye who won with Nicky a close second in a fantastic evening’s round of matches!
Paul vs Kevin
Standings – All Kent Invicta 1. Kye Arnold +14 15pts 2. Nicky Chappell +3 13pts 3. Terry Arnold +6 12pts 4. Finn Taylor +1 7pts 5. Paul Frank -1 7pts 6. Dave Collier -3 7pts 7. Kevin Carter -19 0pts
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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Richard Stock wins WASPA event in North Wales

Richard vs Brian
London Road SC played their end of season tournament on August 20. Due to holidays and other commitments only 5 players entered. This gave the chance to play a league and everyone play each other twice giving all players 8 games. Richard Stock won his 3rd LRSC event with Brian Daley finishing 2nd. Cayne Matthews finished 3rd, Yani Kelly 4th and Dave Kelly 5th. Maybe the shock game of the tournament Dave drew 1-1 with Brian. After our 1st season LRSC would like to thank all the players who have entered any of our tournaments. London Road SC start the new season with a change. We will be holding a 2 day event on 23-24 September playing advanced rules. Saturday 23rd will be the "Paul Lloyd North Wales Open" an individual tournament with 20 players expected. Sunday 24th will be the "Invitational Inter Club Cup" a club event with LRSC A & B, Wolverhampton, Glasgow and Derry. LRSC is looking forward to the new season, Subbuteo in North Wales.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Mark Farrell is All-Ireland champion for the 4th time

Kenny Beggs and Mark Farrell
The All-Ireland championships took place this week-end in Derry, Northern Ireland. It was a great tournament with a superb field of 10 players. It was difficult to predict who would be able to stop Mark Farrell (Yorkshire Phoenix) to win a 4th title. In the end, Farrell defeated Kenny Beggs (Irish Premier League) in the final (1-0) while Martinog Bradley (Derry City) took the best on Mark McCrossan (Derry City) in the 3rd place play-offs (3-1). It was a great day with also the come-back of Neil Hermon who came from Belfast and was the representative of Northern Ireland in the Junior FISA world cup back in 1990. Congratulations to Mark for the victory and huge thanks to Derry City TFC for hosting a great tournament.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Midsummers Night Flick in Derry

Derry City TFC had a much smaller turnout than usual tonight but it was still great craic. Mark McCrossan came out on top with a 2-0 win on shots following a 1-1 draw in the final. Lawrence Watson played through to his second semi-final. The next WASPA tournament in Derry will be the "All Irelands" on the 20th August.

(Report by Martinog Bradley)

Mike Bradbury wins 2017 Staffordshire Pro-Am tournament

On July 30 the Wolverhampton club and the South Staffordshire Club had another successful tournament with 16 players taking part and competing with the advanced rules. The "2017 Staffordshire Pro-Am" was held in the Wolverhampton Electric Club and had the visit of Australia's Rick Bland from Brisbane TSC. Other competitors were from the West Midlands and North Wales. Mike Bradbury took the honors as he defeated Richard Stock in the final. Justin Scott won the plate event and Cayne Matthews won the AM section. 6 Astroboards were used for the tournament and young Alex Scott competed in his event aged 11. Little Ruby Matthews once again proved what a future star she will become. Two radio stations and a regional newspaper featured the event which will become annual.

Adrian Elmer visits English players in Lowgate

Jeff Parsons sent us a report of Adrian Elmer's visit in the NETFA premises last week-end. Jeff told us players had a great day  he reports Adrian especially enjoyed his day and the competition. "A lot of good banter and exchange of ideas and you never know, the away leg in Sidney is always a possibility. We let Mike Parnaby win again with his demon conversion rate but one of us old ones still got a punch in. With the age handicap, I must be top of the WASPA ranking by now."

Standings of the evening:
1. Mike Parnaby
2. Jeff Parsons
3. John Bottomley
4. Adrian Elmer
5. Dave Brothers

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Australian Adrian Elmer wins promotional tournament in Chopwell

Adrian - Dave - Chris
An excellent evenings play in Chopwell where Adrian, on holiday in Europe with his family, won this mini promotional tournament after a tense shootout with Chris Kaberry. Dave Brothers hosted. Just shows what you can do if you make an effort to organise a game or two with someone from the other side of the planet. Scores were.... Dave 0 - 2 Adrian, Dave 0 - 2 Chris, Chris 1 - 1 Adrian. Adrian won shootout 1 - 0. Well done lads!

UKI National League in Bristol

The players The tally for beers bought at Bristol Rovers’ bar on the day has yet to come in but early data suggests that Phil Dacey was ...