Tuesday, 23 October 2018

UKI National League in Bristol

The players
The tally for beers bought at Bristol Rovers’ bar on the day has yet to come in but early data suggests that Phil Dacey was a significant contributor to sales! But then why wouldn’t he celebrate? He had just won the UKI National League Division 1 title! He was unbeaten over 5 games winning 3 and drawing two. Phil had sent a ripple of fear through the division went he beat his Welsh countryman Darren 4.1 in the first game, but then couldn’t break down Rudi Peterschinnig in a tight 1.1 draw, but went on in the 3rd to despatching Cardiff’s David Lauder in a thrilling 3.2 win. Phil’s second draw came against England International Brandon Lavender leaving him to tie up the trophy beating Dave Samuel while second-placed Rudi was beaten by Brandon in the final game 3.2 to deny Rudi the title. 27 people traveled just over 4,000 miles, in total, in a pilgrimage to attend the UKI National League event held at The Memorial Stadium, home of Bristol Rovers F.C. The players from Division 3 accounted for 1,500 of those miles while Division 2 had 1300 miles, Division 1 cooled their heels after just 1000 miles (though they had a player less) and Division 4 had a travel distance of just 300 miles – what does that tell us? I have no idea. Australian Benji’s Batten was our welcome Commonwealth guest in the Second Division as he swept aside a very strong field with some big scores though John Lauder only narrowly lost 1.2 and Rob Ramsay played his part in a 2.4 defeat. Benji’s only point dropped was against the second-placed Aaron Skinner who can consider himself very unlucky as he only lost once, against Terry Arnold (2.3). The surprise of the day was Nicky Chappell falling below the dotted line to suffer the ignominy of relegation but the general consensus is that he will bounce back quickly.
The trophies
This event was hosted and managed by local club, Bristol Subbuteo F.C. and they supplied the lion’s share of players with 9, Cardiff weighed in with 8, Kent Invicta 3, Worthing Five Star 2, Harrow Hawks 2, SDTFC 1 and 2 ‘unattached’ to a UKI club. 6 wins out of 6 ensured that Kye Arnold would be crowned Division 3 champion and has earned a place in the next level. Simon Donadel won the race for second place on 8 points pipping Dave Croucher (7 points) and Bob Fairbrother (7 points). Sadly one of the flair players, Gareth Thomas, fell one point behind Ian Maskell to pick up the relegation spot. Okay stat fetishists out there – this is for you: There were 260 goals across all 4 divisions from 78 games equating to 3.33 goals per game. There were 64 goals from 15 Division One matches equating to 4.27 goals per game. Division 2 harvested 72 goals over 21 games (3.42 gpg). Division 3 contributed 71 goals over 21 games (3.38 gpg). Division 4 gave us 53 goals over 21 games (2.52 gpg). Capping the day’s activities was Steve Badcott’s return to the game after 10 years to win UKI National League Division 4 silverware. The South Devon TFC player had notched 22 goals, which was just as well since his 10 points were matched by the desperately unlucky Tim Mourant who had beaten Steve 2.1. Hail the new intake of entrant level players coming back after playing in their youth: Phil Bryant and Andy Jarvis, dare we say, bravely entered the cauldron of this tournament in Division 4 and embraced the event wholehearted and with good spirit. Hopefully, we have not put them off and we hope to have these two players joining the Bristol Subbuteo League, soon.
Division 2 winner Benji Batten
To Simon Donadel for the loan of his pitch for the day. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Neil’s efforts in gathering up the goals so that we had premier standard goals for the day and for the bottomless supply of help and advise (solicited or otherwise J) from John Lauder, Rudi, Elliott, Michael and Tom Burns, Martin Hodds, Victor Jones, Adam Fraser, Aaron Skinner, Tony McCann, Dave Croucher, Brian Barnes, Cayne Mathews, Justin Scott and to Dave Pawsey and Bran Andrew from the ESA who has been unstinting in their help and advise and whose works bode well for the future of the game in this country. To Og Martin who has set up a framework in Ireland that can only be admired and has been a source of inspiration. A big thank you goes out to the Bristol Subbuteo Club posse of Aaron Skinner who gave up his time on the Friday before the event to help me set up the venue What a nice venue The Memorial Stadium turned out to be – airy space, great lighting, a bar, and food if required, plus oodles of parking, and a great team in Scott who was our amiable host for the day and Lynette Powell who was my contact throughout the book process and whose can-do attitude made it all so easy. It remains for me to say thank you to all who attended and brought a good heart that made it a special day. I hope to see you all again at the next one on the 18th may – venue to be confirmed.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/PCUKINL/

Division 1 final table: 1. Phil Dacey (WAL/Cardiff) 2. Rudi Peterschinigg (ITA/Harrow) 3. Brandon Lavender (ENG/Kent Invicta) 4. David Lauder (WAL/Cardiff) 5. David Samuel (WAL/Cardiff) 6. Darren Barnes (WAL/Cardiff)

Division 2 final table: 1. Benji Batten (AUS/Melbourne TFC) 2. Aaron Skinner (ENG/Bristol SFC) 3. Terry Arnold (ENG/Kent Invicta) 4. Robert Ramsay (SCO/Manchester) 5. John Lauder (WAL/Cardiff) 6. Tony McCann (ENG/Cardiff) 7. Nicky Chappell (ENG/Kent Invicta)

Division 3 final table: 1. Kye Arnold (ENG/Kent Invicta) 2. Simon Donadel (ENG/Bristol SFC) 3. Dave Croucher (ENG/Worthing) 4. Bob Fairbrother (ENG/Bristol SFC) 5. Neil Doherty (ENG/Harrow) 6. Ian Maskell (ENG/Worthing) 7. Gareth Thomas (WAL/Cardiff)

Division 4 final table: 1. Steve Badcott (ENG/South Devon) 2. Tim Mourant (ENG/Bristol SFC) 3. Peter Brown (ENG/Bristol SFC) 4. Bernard O'Connor (ENG/Bristol SFC) 5. Andy Jarvis (ENG/Bristol SFC) 6. Taylor Randles (ENG/Bristol SFC) 7. Phillip Bryant (ENG/Bristol SFC)

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Brian Daley winner in Drury

The latest London Road Subbuteo Club WASPA Regional Tournament took place on 14th October 2018. It was a 5 players league, all play each other twice. Brian daley took the honors with 8 wins. The next London Rondon tournament will be held on November at The Parrot, Drury, North Wales.

Rich S 4-0 Dave K
Ruby M 0-3 Brian D
Cayne M 2-1 Ruby M
Brian D 2-0 Rich S
Brian D 5-0 Dave K
Cayne M 0-3 Rich S
Rich S 2-0 Ruby M
Dave K 0-1 Cayne M
Cayne M 0-2 Brian D
Ruby M 0-1 Dave K
Dave K 0-3 Rich S
Brian D 2-0 Ruby M
Ruby M 0-1 Cayne M
Rich S 1-2 Brian D
Dave K 0-4 Brian D
Rich S 2-0 Cayne M
Ruby M 0-6 Rich S
Cayne M 2-0 Dave K
Brian D 4-0 Cayne M
Dave K 0-2 Ruby M

League Table
Brian D 24 pts
Rich S 18 pts
Cayne M 12 pts
Ruby M 3 pts
Dave K 3 pts

Monday, 8 October 2018

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA cup in Ponteland

WASPA Ponteland Sunday 7th October

Short report of the games held in Ponteland on Sunday. This tournament was under the banner of North Shields STF.

Nigel Lamond v Chris Kaberry 0-2 Scores level at half time but a quick two goal blast at the beginning of the second half saw Chris into the final.

Dave Brothers v Stephen Dobbison 5-0 A one sided affair with Dave running out a comfortable winner.

Consolation play-off:
Nigel Lamond v Stephen Dobbison 0-1 Tight game which was ultimately decided after great honesty from Nigel gifted Stephen a shot on goal which went low into the corner.

Chris Kaberry v Dave Brothers 3-0 Chris won the competition with a competent display of accurate shooting.

Standings 1. Chris Kaberry 2. Dave Brothers 3. Stephen Dobbison 4. Nigel Lamond

Friday, 5 October 2018

Adrian Davies winner again in Gillingham

Adrian vs Kye
Kent Invicta another great evening of play last Friday. It was the returning Welsh Wizard, Adrian Davies, who took the win in the KIV WASPA League last Friday edging out Kye Arnold on their head to head score line from the first match of the evening. There were many tight games which ended up with Adrian and Kye neck a neck into the last session with Terry Arnold still in a position to take the overall win. However the last games went in Adrian’s favour as the Welshman scored a late equalizer against Terry to draw 1-1 and Kye endured a frustrating 0-0 stalemate with Dave Collier. This meant that after 5 matches the top two players had an identical record of 10 points and a +4 goal difference so their first round result of 1-0 over Kye gave the victory to Adrian. It has to be said that Rob McCormick grabbed the result of the evening however with a fantastic 1-0 win over Adrian in round 2.

Final Table – All KIV
1. Adrian Davies (Open) – 10pts +4 (wins on 1-0 head to head over Kye) 2. Kye Arnold (U19) – 10pts +4 3. Terry Arnold (Vets) – 8pts +3 4. Dave Collier (Vets) – 5pts -2 5. Rob McCormick (Vets) – 4 pts -5 6. Paul Frank (Vets) – 3pts -4

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Bob Varney wins TSPA White Star Cup

Last week-end the TSPA White Star was holding a great Swiss tournament in Milton Keynes with 15 players involved. It was great to see some old names back in action. Among the players, Robert Green from Australia was in a great day, finishing in third place two weeks after attending the FISTF World Cup in Gibraltar. Bob Varney took the honors while Rudi Peterschinigg was runner-up.

Thanks to Jeremy Bradly for the great work to organize things!

The final standings were as follows:
1. Bob Varney
2. Rudi Peterschinigg
3. Robert Green
4. Jeremy Bradley
5. Paul Andreas
6. Marco Ghigliotti
7. Steve George
8. Matt Atkin
9. John Turpin
10. Colin Fletcher
11. Gerald Brightwell
12. Mark Green
13. Dave Croucher
14. Alex Turpin

15. Nick Harrop

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A good turnout of 12 in Kent

Kent Invicta had a great night of flicking on Friday 7th October with a fantastic turnout of 12 players. With 4 groups of 3, there was a tournament feel to the games which saw plenty of games for everyone.

The semifinals ended up with two close games as Nicky edged Finn 1-0 and Kye winning 2-1 over Terry which led to a tight final that Nicky took with a solitary 1-0 win over Kye.

It was great to see Former England youth player, Kane returning to the action also we also saw two new players in Paul and Hayden taking part. Subbuteo is certainly alive and flicking in Kent!

Final ladder (All KIV):
1. Nicky Chappell (vets)
2. Kye Arnold (u19)
3. Finn Taylor (u19)
4. Terry Arnold (vets)
5. Louis Singh (u19)
6. Paul Frank (vets)
7. Tony Whitelock (vets)
8. Paul Grey (vets)
9. Kane Stanford (u19)
10. Mel Stanford (vets)
11. Rob McCormick (vets)
12. Hayden Grey (u15)

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Latest results from Wales

Players in Drury
Wales had two great WASPA tournaments this week-end.

Brian Daley gets trophy from Cayne Maathews
London Road Subbuteo Club held their monthly tournament with a good field of 8 players. Martin Blanchard and Cayne Matthews came on top of their respective groups but failed to qualify for the final. In the final Brian Daley defeated Richard Stock (1-0) to claim the title while Dan Nicholls defeated Danny Bird (3-1) in the Plate final.

On Friday Knighton TFC was holding a Regional tournament with six players. In the end of the Swiss ladder, Dan Nicholls finished on top with 4 wins. In the standings Danny Bird was runner-up while the other players were Tom Taylor, Rory Gittoes, Matt Booth, Kenny Evans.

UKI National League in Bristol

The players The tally for beers bought at Bristol Rovers’ bar on the day has yet to come in but early data suggests that Phil Dacey was ...